The Power Differential in Sport

The Power Differential in Sport

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The Power Differential is a major contributor to stress, anxiety and trauma in sports. This course sheds light on the negative and long-lasting effects of unhealthy power differentials, and how to create healthy power differentials.

What you can expect in this course

This course was designed to address some major issues within sport. Bullying, harassment, toxic stress, and anxiety.

Our trauma specialist Shawn O’Grady, and IGM President and former professional hockey player, Bob Wilkie, share their experiences and insights in this powerful course.

At the completion of this course, your athletes, coaches, and parents will have the knowledge of how to:

  • set boundaries
  • recognize an unsafe situation
  • know who to communicate feelings of unsafe situations to, for yourself or others
  • understand the effects of unhealthy power differentials 
  • parents to recognize the difference between a  disgruntled athlete and an athlete in distress
  • how to contribute to a safe and healthy environment
An Unhealthy Power Differential is a contributor to Trauma.

Lesson 1 – The Effects of an Unhealthy Power Differential

This lesson will introduce what a power differential is and how an unhealthy one ruins relationships, erodes confidence and can destroy cultures and lives. It is a serious issue.

Any environment with individuals who are creating these unhealthy differentials will experience high stress, a lack of participation, and performance issues. It will manifest in to even more problems and has the ability to stifle growth and have long-lasting effects on the individuals who are afflicted.

A story of unhealthy power differential in sports.

You can't be against bullying without actually doing something about it

Coaching Athletes

Lesson 2 – How to Create Healthy Power Differentials

Relationships are what we as humans crave. Sport allows individuals to be a part of something special. It teaches us how to work together, how the power of relationships can move mountains and create experiences that instill motivation, passion and success.

Power differentials are necessary for any cultural structure; if we can create safe spaces, it will be more enjoyable, more fulfilling and allow everyone to grow from the experience in a healthy way.

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things.


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Course and Coaching Option


With this option, you will receive the course, The Power Differential in Sport, as well as personal 1-1 coaching with an IGM facilitator as you complete the course.